SA Sport Horse Federation


Premium Licensed

Owned by Ruach Pinto Sport Horses – Lisa Dixon

SASHF Stallion
Born: 4 November 2005
Height: 14.1hh
Colour: Palomino Tobiano

Reg No: 0012510087 Reed is a very special stallion, a real survivor!! After suffering malnutrition and near starvation during his foal years, he pulled through but because of this setback, never reached his full potential in height. His expected height would have been +- 15.3 – 16h. Reed is a very well mannered stallion. He is gentle and respectful to his mares! He has got a soft temperament and is easy to handle. He is a very comfy ride and easy to handle under saddle! Reed is homozygous (TO/TO) and will always produce coloured foals!