SA Sport Horse Federation

Legacy’s Socrates

Owned by Legacy stud – Caron Potocnik

Lusitano X Warmblood Stallion
Disciplines: Dressage / Eventing / Showjumping

Legacy’s Socrates is a tall, Dark Bay, Lusitano X Stallion, currently standing 17.1hh at the age of 4 years. He is by the Portuguese imported, modern Lusitano stallion Sabio out of a Gold Medal German imported Rubinstein mare Rubina. Sabio’s pedigree is already proven in International competition with two competitors in International Rankings.

Socrates follows a new International Dressage breeding trend to incorporate the modern Iberian horse with proven world-class bloodlines.
This breed program has been motivated by success of the pure bred and cross-bred Lusitano horses in the International Dressage arena in the past decade – where this breed has shown itself to excel in the collected movements at the highest level of this sport.
Accordingly, Socrates has been bred to incorporate the very best features of the modern Lusitano through his sire Sabio – taller, with longer length of rein, leg and stride. Well proven in Classical Equitation through the centuries in Europe, the Lusitano is a pleasure to own and ride – being super-intelligent, quick to learn, and with a natural elastic aptitude for Dressage movements.

From his Dam line, Socrates has inherited one of the all time great Dressage bloodlines, namely Rubinstein – justifiably called “The Father of Modern Dressage” by some. This pedigree, renowned for the transmission of genetically potent ability , as well as the production of Stallions through each generation – is further complimented by the Dam’s damline carrying the German S line. Through modern representatives, this bloodline is responsible for Anky van Grunsven’s Salinero , Isabel Werth’s Olympic Team medallist Satchmo and the high world-ranked Salieri.

In the South African landscape, Socrates is set to make a major contribution to Sport Horse breeding – being a suitable partner to
thoroughbred (giving progeny 25% Lusitano, 25% Warmblood and 50% Thoroughbred),
Warmblood (rendering 75% Warmblood and 25% Lusitano), and
Cross Breed mares (progeny 25% Lusitano, 25% Warmblood and 25% cross Breed mix).
The quick athleticism characteristic of the Lusitano also gives suitability to the jumping sports, and the Lusitano X breed horses show a natural aptitude for eventing – a sport which combines the dressage ability with the sure-footed, quick-thinking and athletic demands of work cross country.