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Owned by Ruach Pinto Sport Horses – Lisa Dixon

Imported International Heavy Breed Warmblood (KWPN) from the Netherlands.

Disciplines: Show Jumping / Eventing / Dressage

Born: 21/04/2004

Height: 16.2hh

Colour: Chestnut Tobiano (Homozygous)

Joepie is an imported, liver Chestnut, homozygous tobiano stallion standing 16.2hh
A pleasurable ride for every occasion, Joepie’s size and power combined with his stand-out colouring and ability makes him a desirable breeding stallion.
He definitely shows the promise to excel in any discipline; in essence he is a big, sound, athletic, rideable horse with good movement, balance, and a very teachable mind.
Joepie is a proven stallion with foals already competing in the jumping arena. He stamps his foals with very solid bone, great conformation and level headed temperaments making them perfect even for young riders. He has progeny currently representing their various provincial teams as well as SENESA schools leagues.

Joepie's Foals

Joepie’s sire, James Bont is a 97% full blood Gelderlander.
He is a quality Tobiano (Chestnut & white) stallion, who is by on of the well know KWPN stallions Unitas, who is by the jumping sire, Hooglied.
Also possessing this “Old Style” conformation, typcal of the Gelderlanders.
James Bont is of sound character and is a strong yet refined gentleman in temperament.
Whilst standing in Germany, James Bont showjumped very successfully at national level before being moved to Holland to stand at stud at Stal de Ronde.
James Bont has many wonderful descendants and his athleticism, elegant movement and great jumping ability are dominant factors that he passes onto his progeny.

James Bont

One of these, currently standing stud in Europe, is Joepie’s half brother, Jasper B who is excelling in both Dressage and Showjumping.

On his dam side, Joepie’s dam Odette Roze is the daughter of the well known stallion Linardo, who himself was a jumping sensation in his time.
Odette Roze’s dam sire was none other that the legend himself, Samber.
Competing successfully in the Netherlands in Dressage ,up to Grand Prix (Open Advanced) level; Eventing as well as Show jumping (ZZ), Samber proved himself to be a very versatile stallion and produced many great jumpers and dressage superstars alike.

Gelderland horse:

The Gelderland, or Gelderlander, is a heavy warmblood breed of horse that was developed in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. The Gelderlander, along with the similar Groninger horse from the north, provided the foundation for the Dutch Warmblood. Originally bred to be a stylish carriage horse versatile enough to work on the farm, the Gelderlander declined in popularity in the middle of the 20th century. Today the breed is registered in a separate studbook of the Royal Warmblood Horse Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN).
Gelderlanders are typically chestnut, but may be bay, black, or gray. They often have a great deal of white markings on the legs and face in the sabino pattern, and there are a handful of tobianos as well. Their heads are long and flat with a straight or convex profile and the neck is well shaped and muscular with an arch. Their withers are prominent and broad, and their backs are relatively long but running smoothly into a level croup. The tail is usually set high, the chest is full and deep, the shoulder long and sloped, and the legs are muscular with long forearms and strong, broad joints. Hooves are usually broad and strong. This breed of horse usually stands at 15.2-16.2 hands high at the withers. Gelderlanders tend to have high-stepping action, particularly at the trot.